The simple web app that allows you to set questions & track your answers

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How it works


You set the questions you want to be asked.


Each day you're able to login & answer your questions, one by one.


Look back over past answers and see your patterns.

  • You create your questions

    Set Your Questions

    Create a list of questions you want to be asked. This could be anything from 'did you go for a run today?' to 'how optimistic are you that this project will launch on time?'. Question type's include text, range, number & yes/no.

  • Add Your Answers

    Every day you can login and answer your questions, one by one.

    Answer your questions
  • View stats on your answers

    View Reports

    Look back over your past answers and view stats. Notice trends to see what's going well and what needs changing. Reports include List, Graph, Bar & Average (depending on answer type).

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