Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

What we've aimed to create is a simple, flexible system. Once logged in you can create a question set, with a variety of answer types. When you're done adding questions, save your question set. You're now ready to answer your questions.

Each day you can navigate to and answer your question set. Currently you can answer your question set once per day. At midnight the system is reset, and you're able to answer your questions again.

Taking it to the next level

We've built the system so it's flexible. Say you have some specific questions you want to be asked for the next few weeks, but after that you want to change your questions. That's fine. Let me explain:

Let's say on day 1, you sign up and add question A, B & C. On day 1, 2 & 3 you answer these three questions. On day 4 however, you add question D and delete question A. You're now left with question B, C & D. From now on you'll only be asked question B, C & D, but if you go to your reports, entries for days 1-3 will still show only questions A, B & C.

This allows you flexibility. Want to track optimism on a project you're working on? Add it as a question, then delete it when you're done.

Any questions? Be sure to let us know.

I can't think of any questions, what should I do?

Don't worry, we've got you covered. We've created a list of 5 questions in 3 categories that will hopefully spark your creative beans! Check it out here.

I've found a bug. How can I report it?
Email us at
I've got a suggestion. How can I submit it?
Drop us an email at
I'm from Honolulu. Will the site work for me?
For sure! We've encorporated timezones so that the midnight reset feature works no matter where you are. Just login and change the timezone details in your user settings page.